Mike wharf catch up

After a few weeks of tentative slow running I finally felt able to try and go for a mid week run longer than 5km and I knew that Mike wouldn’t consider anything under 10km.

Beautiful day to be out as we headed around gardens and the Opera house before tackling the wharfs. Legs felt good and I was again conscious of trying to keep up a higher cadence – something Mike does in his sleep.

Good to catch up, can’t believe he only has a couple of weeks before his second daughter arrives, and the talking got me past Barangaroo before I really started to feel it with the pace sitting around 4.45. Back to the office with 11km done and feeling injury free – fingers crossed I can build on this.


MNT – 185 cadence

Back to MNT and the first Monday in a while when I wasn’t coaching the session. Took the opportunity to work on my cadence – something I had been told at my physio that morning – it needs to be higher.

I have been running high 170’s where I should be sitting mid 180’s so with phone and loud ticking in my hand set at 185 a minute I made the most of the session  trying to stick to this while catching up with Michael and Nick.

It’s been quite a while that I have done any speed and I was pleased to slowly build up the 4 x 5 min sets from a comfortable pace towards a more tempo set for the final leg leaving me sitting around the 4 min mark for the last few laps.

knocked off just over 7km in the new New Balance trainers and importantly no niggles.

MNT – coaching

nice to be back down at King George Park under the floodlights for the track session. My turn to coach tonight with the reverse pyramid while Gilbert took the warm up and stretches.

Reverse Pyramid

1 min, 2min, 3min, 4min switch direction 4min, 3min, 2min, 1min with half recovery between each set. Focus is on maintaining a strong pace that can be pushed harder as the final sets become shorter.

Great turn out of 40+ runners and I even managed to knock over 6km in running back and forth around the park with the whistle.

Easy lunch run

Back in Australia and only a couple of days back at work means I took the opportunity to get out at lunch on Friday. Decided to head down to Barangaroo and run around the piers, one of my favourites on such a lovely day.

For the next few weeks I have no expectations other than trying to get out semi regularly for short runs while I wait for the leg to heal. As I headed out towards the final pier Charlie and Mike were heading the other way and I joined them for the return leg around Barangaroo before the journey back along Hickson road – can’t wait for them to finish water route.

an easy 6km without too much uncomfort in the leg, certainly feeling better for it



The last 2 months…

In my last post back at the beginning of March I headed out for a run with strapping for an ITB issue but by the end of that week there was still no improvement and I went to the doctor and then on to get a scan.

Official diagnosis … At the insertion of the vastus lateralis onto the quadriceps tendon there is a neovascularity in keeping with focal tenosynovitis.

Basically I have somehow managed to tear a muscle just above the knee.

Paris was definitely out and it is going to take a number of months to heal.

As a result there has been little on the running front over the last two months other than a few short runs of 5km or so to keep ticking over but I can still feel the leg at the end of runs so not healed yet.

And although I didn’t get to Paris for the marathon I did have a fantastic four week in the UK and the weekend I should have been in Paris I ran the Abingdon Park run with Matilda and she ran the entire distance for the first time – one of the highlights of the holiday on a picture perfect sunny morning. It was also nice to actually get out for a couple of runs with Rachael while my mum was on hand to look after the kids for half an hour.

Holiday over and back to reality the slow build back to fitness begins…..

Sunday extended bay

After the early morning downpour and Rach returning from yoga it was my turn to test the leg again – Colin the physio had strapped up the ITB to see if it would make a difference and I headed out for an easy lap of the bay including the canal to give me 10km.

Much the same as Friday once I had warmed up the leg wasn’t too bad and I managed to run fairly freely but again the leg was a little sore by the end. Given how I feel after running 10km and the leg still not really healed I can’t really see Paris as a realistic chance now with only a few weeks to go an no decent training. The plan was to enjoy the run rather than hate it after 30km.

But that aside it is now off to get on the bike for a micro brewery tour this afternoon. Perfect!

Running Science

feeling a bit more confident after Wed I headed out with running science for a flat lap on Fri morning catching up with Marty and others. Good news was that I wasn’t over compensating quite as much for the leg this time. No real sharp pains but was certainly feeling it closer to the end of the bay lap. The fact that we were going doing sub 4:30 was also no doubt a factor.

Leg a little sore during the day  but no shooting pain – off to the physio Sat morning

Corporate Cup hobble

After a weekend of camping with the girls and very little exercise it was back out again on the Wed to see how the time off has helped. Certainly on the flat it felt better today but I was still getting shooting pains as soon as I went down the steps.

While it is an improvement there is definitely a way to go, will try a flat long run at the weekend.

swim and physio

Physio on Monday and then again this morning it is a sore ITB. Rolling out with the foam roller and a bit of band crab walking are now a staple morning and night to try and improve.

At lunch determined to do something I hobbled over to the pool and spent my 30 mins concentrating again on breathing and my arm entry into water. Made it just over 1km with only a slight twinge of the leg, although I did lose all the beautiful ‘waterproof’ taping the phsyio had added not 4 hours earlier.

Again I am still not cycling in and this weekend is a dads camping weekend with the kids so I will just use it to rest completely and see where we pick up next week.

Leg issue continues

Time is running out for Paris so needed to get back out and see how the leg was. Woodstock were doing their usual route through the city which is pretty flat so went to join them rather than solo super flat laps of the bay. Arriving at LPAC I saw Mike had also decided to tag along with the pram and Trinity in tow.

Had hoped to at least the half distance today but I was already getting twinges 2km in and nothing improved from there as we headed through Leichhardt. I could feel I was trying to over compensate and changing my running style too which would only lead to other issues so by the time we came through Blackwattle bay I had already made the decision that I would head back over the bridge before getting to the city. Even the thought of the very flat Pyrmont wharf with Mike felt painful after 10km.

Back over the bridge solo and I even ended up walking back up Victoria road with only 13km banked. Physio booked for tomorrow morning